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This Notepad++ plugin requires .NET v4.0 or higher. 

This little "Christmas-break" fun-project is an attempt to provide a simple tool for creating and managing personal photo galleries.

Ruta is the tool that can be used by users with only a basic computer knowledge. It does not require any deployment nor has dependency on any third-party utility/library. Ruta allows creating Web albums, which can be viewed on any OS and require no server to be run on. 

It is important to understand that it is not a Web page neither dynamic nor static. It is a tool that generates static web page (Album), which in turn can by viewed by any browser. 

You can read in details about all Ruta features in the documentation. It covers both the features of the produced album(s) and the composer itself. You will find there information about how compose the albums and how to share them with your friends (if required). You will also learn how to consume the albums in the completely closed environments (e.g. home, private network, "no-network" environment). 



Sample album


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